Born Free and the Story of Joy Adamson

Nehézségi szint: KÖZÉPFOK B1/B2 (Szerző: Chris Scully)

Joy Adamson természetvédő, nemzetközi hírnevet az afrikai vadvilágról írt könyveivel szerzett. Ebben a cikkben az ő életéről olvashatunk, miközben hasznos új kifejezésekkel gazdagodik szókincsünk.

1. Kulcsszavak – Írd be a kulcsszavakat a megfelelő helyre, a bekezdés jelölések segíteni fognak.

P 12    advertise            charity           illustrations

P11      employee     evidence       examine     former      investigators     murder      poachers   saved     struck

P10     publication separate

P9                   capture       lose track of            survive

P8           captivity        infection           Tick

P7        released     rescue          trials

P 6       attack       cubs   Lioness    litter    realize

P5       head game warden      surroundings

P 4          botanist           sketches

P2      conservation                 passion

P1     naturalist           raise


1(a)__________ are fine drawings, (b)_________ are rougher drawings

2__________ is an organization to help people in need,

3    To _________ is to try to persuade people to buy a product or service by announcing it on television

4    When something is _______ it has been kept safe.

5_________ are people who illegally hunt wild animals.

6     When something is _______ it has been hit hard by something else.

7 __________ is information that shows whether a belief is true or false.

8 To _________ something is to look carefully at it in detail.

9 ___________ are people who’s job it is to find out information about a crime.

10 __________ is the crime of killing someone

11 ________ means something that came before

12 An _________ is a person who workers for an employer.

13 When two things are ________ they are apart.

14 __________ is when a book is produced for people to buy.

15 When you ____________ of something you know longer know where it is.

16 When you ________somebody you catch them so they become your prisoner.

17 When you ________ , you stay alive despite and injury or illness.

18 An __________ is a disease caused by a bacteria, virus or parasite

19 A _______ is a tiny parasite that lives in the grass and sucks the blood of animals.

20 _________ is the state of having been caught and held prisoner

21 ________ are tests of a practice or theory

22 When someone is __________ they are set free.

23 When someone comes to your _______ they save you from danger.

24 _______ are baby lions, and a ________ is a collection of baby lions

25 When you ________ you know and understand something

26 To ________ is to use violence to harm a person, animal or place.

27 A ________ is a female lion

28 Your __________ are all the things that are in the place where you live and form your experience of being there.

29 The ______  _______  ________ is the person in charge of protecting wildlife in a National Park.

30  A _________ is a person who studies plants.

31 __________ is the management of land to help protect it from damage

32 A _________ is a strong love for something.

33 To ________ something is to take care of children or young animals while they grow up.

34 A ___________ is someone who studies living things and their environment.


1)Born in Austria-Hungary 1910 Friederike Victoria “Joy” Adamson was a naturalist, artist and author of the world-famous book Born Free about her experiences raising Elsa the lion cub.

2)Her life-long passion was the protection and conservation of Wildlife, and she lived most of her life in Kenya.

3)Hers was a life full of stories (married three times), chance, fame and tragedy. She stopped at nothing to follow her dreams and they were largely about raising big cats. These come under the categories- lions, cheetahs and leopards, each of which at some point in her life she helped to raise.

4)The first time that her wild career was kick-started was when she moved to Kenya. At the time she was married to her first husband Viktor Von Klarwill he planned to join her later, but on the voyage, she met the botanist Peter Bally. By the time Von Klarwill arrived she had fallen in love with Bally. Soon she married Bally who taught her how to make botanical sketches of the flora and fauna around her, and she developed her own unique style.

5)Next while on Safari one day she met the head game warden George Adamson in 1940. Four years later they were married. And they spent much time exploring and living in the natural surroundings of Kenya’s National Park.

6)By chance in 1956 a Lioness attacked George while he was out doing his job. He shot and killed it in self-defence but later realized she was only protecting her litter of lion cubs who were hidden in some rocks nearby.

7)This began the Born Free chapter of Joy’s life because after George brought the rescued cubs home, they chose to keep Elsa the smallest of the three, the others were sent to a Dutch zoo. Joy’s idea developed that one day her baby lioness should be released back into the wild. This was not to happen until some years later and many trials and much training – the young lioness had to be taught how to hunt.

8)In the end Elsa became the first lion to be raised in captivity and released back to the wild so she could stand on her own two feet and survive alone. She had her own litter, and the couple photographed the young family from a distance. Tragedy struck Elsa when a Tick bit her and she died from the infection.

9)The Adamson’s were worried about the three cubs because without their mother’s leadership they began getting into difficult situations with local farmers. So, for their own protection, the Adamsons captured the cubs and moved them to a safer home in the Serengeti National Park. It was here that Joy lost track of them forever, and this marks the last book in the trilogy Forever Free.

10)After the publication of Born Free Joy became a celebrity and travelled the world giving talks, she lived apart from her husband because of their separate interests. Joy later raised a Cheetah family and wrote the books on Pippa the Cheetah, and finally she also raised a Leopard cub called Penny as well.

11)Her life ended tragically when a former employee whom she had fired- a Kenyan man – murdered her. Although at first, they thought her death was from a lion attack, when investigators examined her body, they found out that Paul Nakware Ekai was the murderer. A final tragedy struck George in 1989 when he rescued a tourist from violent poachers. The tourist was saved but George died as a result.

12)Joy and George’s life and work for the protection of Wildlife changed conservation and advertised it to the world as an important issue. The success of Born Free in the 60s raised lots of money for charity. The public bought it because they loved her photography and illustrations showing the life of Elsa. Later a movie was made too.


3. Értést ellenőrző kérdések

Válaszold meg a kérdéseket a szöveg alapján:

  1. What was the name of the lion cub she raised?
  2. What was the name of her first husband?
  3. What was the name of her second husband?
  4. What was her famous book called?
  5. After what event did George bring the lion cubs home?
  6. What was the name of Joy’s murderer?
  7. How did George die?

Kifejezések, vonzatos igék, szókapcsolatok

Illeszd össze a kifejezéseket a definíciókkal

A kick own two feet To begin something
B stand on her start To be independent



1a)illustrations, b)sketches

2 charity

3 advertise

4 saved

5 poachers

6 struck

7 evidence

8 examine

9 investigator

10 murder

11 former

12 employee

13 separate

14 publish

15 lose track

16 capture

17 survive

18 infection

19 Tick

20 captivity

21 trials

22 released

23 rescue

24 a) cubs b) litter

25 realize

26 attack

27 Lioness

28 surroundings

29 Head game warden

30 botanist

31 conservation

32 passion

33 raise

34 naturalist

Értést ellenőrző kérdések

A Elsa

B von Klawill

C Peter Bally

D Born Free

E A lioness attacked him

F Paul Nakware Ekai

G He was also murdered, but by poachers

Kifejezések, vonzatos igék, szókapcsolatok

  1. To Kick-start something is to begin it dramatically
  2. To stand on your own two feet is to become independent


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