Harrison Ford  –   The force is with him

Nehézségi szint: KÖZÉPFOK B2 (Szerző: Chris Scully)

Harrison Fordot leginkább a vagány, cinikus űrpilóta, Han Solo szerepében az eredeti Csillagok háborúja trilógiában, és a kalandvágyó régészprofesszor, Dr. Henry „Indiana” Jones Jr. megformálójaként az Indiana Jones-filmsorozatban ismerhettük meg.

1)Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942 Chicago, Illinois, USA. His rugged good looks and charm have elevated him to a living icon and comparisons with Gregory Peck. Though he discovered himself as an actor only later in life during his last year at University of Wisconsin as a way to overcome his shyness.

2)He is of Irish, German, Russian and Jewish stock, he says as a man he thinks himself Irish, but as an actor he is Jewish.

3)He has lived a blessed life as an actor. His honest face suited him to leading male roles and he often plays the hero. Also, he is attracted to ordinary characters who show courage to get the job done. This combination has led him to secure roles in some legendary franchises. These include his role as Hans Solo in Star Wars from the 1970s onwards to Indiana Jones from the 1980s on. He also starred in cult films such as Blade Runner.

4)As well as this he has done documentary voice over work. In the early days of the 1970s to support himself financially he worked as a carpenter. The profits that his movies have made world-wide total over 5 billion dollars and up until 2000 he was considered one of the top paid actors in the world.

Personal life

5)Ford was married to Mary Marquardt from 1964 until they divorced in 1979. Then he was married to Melissa Mathison from 1983 until they divorced in 2004. Then he was married to Calista Flockhart since 2010. He has two sons, Benjamin and Willard with Marquardt and a son, Malcolm and a daughter, Georgia with Mathison. Ford now lives in Los Angeles, California.

6)Ford is a licensed pilot of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. He has personally provided emergency helicopter services when local authorities asked him, he rescued a hiker overcome by dehydration


attract /əˈtrækt/   blessed    /ˈbles.ɪd/    carpenter   /ˈkɑː.pɪn.tər/         charm  /tʃɑːm/     combine /kəmˈbaɪn/      comparison     /kəmˈpær.ɪ.sən/  cult  /kʌlt/   dehydration /ˌdiː.haɪˈdreɪ.ʃən/            divorced      /dɪˈvɔːst/   elevated   /ˈel.ɪ.veɪ.tɪd/    finance /ˈfaɪ.næns/ franchise  /ˈfræn.tʃaɪz/  fixed-wing /ˌfɪkstˈwɪŋ/ legendary  /ˈledʒ.ən.dri/       licensed /ˈlaɪ.sənst/ onwards /ˈɒn.wədz/      ordinary     /ˈɔː.dən.əri/      overcome /ˌəʊ.vəˈkʌm/    rescue /ˈres.kjuː/ rugged    /ˈrʌɡ.ɪd/  secure  /sɪˈkjʊər/   shy /ʃaɪ/      stock  /stɒk/    suit /suːt/  voice-over  /ˈvɔɪs.əʊ.vər/


1 If a man’s face is _________, it is strongly and attractively formed (adj)

2 ________ is a quality that makes you like or feel attracted to someone or something (noun)

3 When someone has an _________ position in society or a company they are high up or important (adj)

4 _________ is the act of comparing two or more people or things

5 To _________ is to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something (verb)

6 To be _____ is when you are nervous and uncomfortable with other people:

7 _______ is the family or group that a person or animal comes from

8 A ________ life is characterized by happiness or good fortune

9 If your job is _______ it is protected and it is unlikely you will lose it

10 To ________ is to pull someone or something towards them, by the good qualities they have

11 Something that is _________ is not different or special

12 Something/someone that/who is __________ is very famous and admired or spoken about

13 _________ means beginning at a particular time and continuing after it

14 A movie ________ is a series of films that have the same or similar titles and are about the same characters (n)

15 If someone __________ s two or more qualities, they have both of those qualities (v)

16 To ______ is to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion (verb)

17 A _______ figure or movie is one liked very much by a particular group of people (adj)

18 A __________ on a television programme, film, or advertisement, is the spoken words of a person that you cannot see

19 A __________ is a person whose job is making and repairing wooden objects and structures (n)

20 Someone who is ________ was married in the past but is not now married (adj)

21 To __________ is to provide the money needed for something to happen

22 Being _________ means having an official document that gives you permission to own, do, or use something(adj)

23 ____-______ is used for describing an aircraft with wings that stay in the same position, rather than moving up and down or going round (adj)

24 To _______ is to help someone or something out of a dangerous, harmful, or unpleasant situation

25 __________ is a drop below normal levels of water in the body



Ellenőrző kérdések

  • What are the names of Ford’s sons?
  • Acting can be an unreliable profession what other job did he have to make a living?
  • What are the names of the two characters he is most famous for playing?
  • When did he begin acting?
  • How much money have his films made?


Nyelvhasználat. Tedd be a szavakat a megfelelő alakba

verb adj adverb noun




1 rugged

2 charm

3 elevated

4 comparison

5 overcome

6 shy

7 stock

8 blessed

9 secure

10 attract

11 ordinary

12 legendary

13 onwards

14 franchise

15 combine

16 suit

17 cult

18 voice-overs

19 carpenter

20 divorced

21 financial

22 licensed

23 fixed-wing

24 rescue

25 dehydration

Ellenőrző kérdések

1 Benjamin, Willard and Malcom

2 Carpenter

3 Hans Solo and Indiana Jones

4 In his last year of University

5 Over 5 billion dollars


verb adj adverb noun
charm Charming (p) charmingly Charm (e.g. works like a charm)
elevate Elevating/elevated elevator
shy shyly shyness
attract attractive attractively attractiveness
combine Combination/combine
finance financial financially finance
suit suitable suitably (suit – cards/clothing)
Cultivate cultural culturally (Cult)/culture
licensed license



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