The Call of the Wild

A Jack London  regénye alapján készült film újra feleleveníti a szánhúzó kutya történetét. Buck kénytelen búcsút inteni a régi életének, amikor az aranyláz idején kaliforniai otthonától távolra kerül.  Új világgal kerül szembe, egy szánhúzó csapat tagjaként, majd falkavezéreként izgalmas kalandok várnak rá.

Tudod a válaszokat?

1 Alaska is a large state in which country? __________ ___________,which is partly in the arctic circle.

2 The kind of dogs that pull sleds are called? ________

3 Men (and women) went to Alaska (Klondike) in the 19th century to seek out their fortune in the _____ ______.

4 What does CGI stand for in movies? _________ _________ __________


1 Call of the Wild, starring Harrison Ford, set to be released in cinemas on the 21th February. It follows the adventures of its animal character Buck – a dog who is one in a million. His characteristics are great courage, skill, strength and toughness while going through hard times.

2 Buck comes from the cushy home of a judge in California but is stolen away one night to be used on the pulling team of United States Mail dog sled service up in Alaska. He suffers greatly at the hands of different masters, but his bravery helps him to overcome the cruelty of these humans. Though when he meets Perrault the Dog team master, he is shown affection. Finally, he meets Harrison Ford’s character John Thornton who has gone north with the Gold Rush but has sought out peace and quiet away from society. Thornton is a cranky man, but he shows Buck genuine love.

3 The story of Buck was written by Jack London who wanted to describe the poor conditions and treatment of animals in the Alaskan Gold Rush. In another of his stories, for which he was disliked by the public, ‘Batard’; the dog character is a devil who kills his devilish master. On the other hand, Buck is characterized as a good dog who must find his true path into the wild.

4 Buck has so many complex emotions in his journey to discover his true self/nature that the director Chris Sanders decided to use a CGI dog to best show the range of emotions he experiences. Using motion-capture Disney Studio’s took Terry Notary’s facial expressions and created Buck. Notary is the performer who was used for Planet of the Apes – another CGI based animal film. Buck’s body is designed to look like that of a St Bernard/Scotch Collie mix.

5 Back in 1902 London’s book Call of the Wild catapulted him to fame. This film version is based on the book but is more of a feel-good kid’s movie that can also be enjoyed by adults.



Értést ellenőrző kérdések

  1. Why did Buck leave his comfortable home in California?
  2. What is the name of Harrison Ford’s character?
  3. Which other novel did Jack London write that showed a dog’s bad nature?
  4. Which other famous CGI animal film did Terry Notary act in?
  5. Why did they use a CGI dog instead of a real dog?


Kulcsszavak – egészítsd ki a mondatokat a megadott szavakkal.

            affection                brutality              catapulted            characterized             complex             cranky           cushy           emotion        experiences     expression        Gold Rush         motion capture      one in a million      overcome       performer        range             suffer                  treatment


1 ___________ is the way you deal with or behave towards someone or something

2 ____________ is behaviour that is very cruel or violent and showing no feelings for others, or an act of this type

3 To_________ is to experience physical or mental pain

4 a chance that is extremely unlikely or when there are very small number of things because they are so special, they are said to be _____ ___ __ __________

5 something that is very easy is ______

6 To __________ is to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something

7 A __________ is a typical or noticeable quality of someone or something

8 ______ ________ a situation in which a lot of people move to a place to try to find gold because they have heard that gold has been found there

9 Something which is __________ is difficult to understand because it has lots of different parts

10 A __________ is a group of similar things but showing variation within that group.

11 An ___________ is the look on someone’s face, showing what they feel or think

12 When sg is ___________ it is thrown with great force.

13 A _________ is an actor, musician or singer who entertains an audience

14 ______ ________ is the process of recording an actor’s movements while they wear a special suit.

15 A ________ person is one who easily gets upset or annoyed.

16  If you ___________ something, it happens to you, or you feel it

17 An _________ is a strong feeling such as love or anger, or strong feelings in general

18 ___________ is a feeling of liking for a person or place


Nyelvhasználat. Egészítsd ki az üres helyeket a megadott szófajok alapján.


Verb adj adverb noun opposite
treat   mistreat




Tudod a válaszokat?

1 North America

2 Huskies

3 Gold Rush

4 Computer generated imagery

Ellenőrző kérdések

1 He was kidnapped/stolen

2 John Thornton

3 Batard

4 Planet of the Apes

5 Because Buck’s emotions were thought to be to complex for a real dog to show/act


1 Treatment

2 brutality

3 suffer

4 one in a million

5 cushy

6 overcome

7 characteristic

8 Gold Rush

9 complex

10 range

11 expression

12 catapulted

13 performer

14 motion capture

15 cranky

16 experience

17 emotion

18 affection



Verb adj adverb noun opposite
treat A treat mistreat
complex A complex (psych) /complexity (state) simple
suffer sufferable/insufferable insufferably suffering Soothe/comfort
experience experiential An experience Inexperience/inexperienced
cruel cruelly kind
brutalize brutal brutally Brute (a person/animal) Gentle (a gentleman)


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