Top 5 iPhone Apps

Nehézségi szint: KÖZÉPFOK B1/B2 (Szerző: Chris Scully)

Az okostelefonok mindennapi életünk részeivé váltak, nézzük mely alkalmazások a legnépszerűbbek.

1.Kulcsszavak- keresd meg és húzd alá a szövegben a lenti szavakat és kösd össze őket a jelentésükkel.

Para a: widespread                invaluable             multi-functional           handy         ease
Para b:       relevant           award            material           feed
Para c:  succeeds          occupation         excluded              popularized       time-consuming         digital   edit
Para d: genre           do away with                stream
Para e: GPS device        download      traffic data            navigation
Para f: predecessor            influence
Para g: dominate   competitive edge
Para h: considered


Para A

1 Something that has many uses is __________

2 Something that you can’t live without is __________

3 something that is convenient or close at hand is ____________

4 Something that is ____________ is over a large area or amount of people

5 when you make a difficult thing easier you ______ it.

Para B

6 a prize that is given is an ______

7 a news or Twitter _______ is a continuous stream of text information that is fed to your phone or computer

8 when information is _________ to you it is closely connected to what you are thinking about or doing at the time.

9 __________ is another word for information or ideas that you are working with.

Para C

10 If something is described as __________ it is electronic

11 when something is ________ __________ it takes up a lot of your time.

12 An __________ is a job or task you do

13 When you ______ something you change it in some way, usually text or a picture

14 When a new product follows on or takes over from an older product, the new product __________ the old one

15 When you are not made to feel welcome in a group you are ________ from it socially

16 When something is ____________ it is made popular

Para d

17 When you _________ music or video to your phone you receive the information continuously

18 A particular type of music, film or video is a _______

19 (three word phrase) When you ______ _______ _____ something you stop using it completely.

Para e

20 To _________ is to have information, files or pictures sent to your phone/computer over the internet

21 _______ __________ is information about which roads are blocked and have queues of cars on them.

22 A _____ ________ is something that tells you your position in the world.

23 ___________ is the skill of getting around reading maps

Para f

24 __________ is power over something or someone

25 A ___________ is something that was made before something else

Para g

26 A ________ ______ is an advantage you have over your competitors

27 When you _________ something or someone you have total control over it or them.

Para h

28 When something is __________ to be like something, it is thought to be like that thing


Top 5 most influential iPhone Apps

a) The iPhone has become so widespread that half the world has one in their pocket. Like the ‘Swiss army knife’ before they have become an invaluable multifunctional tool to their users. What lets this happen are Apps which are handy programs that turn your phone into a powerful computer on the go. If there is a common difficulty people find in daily life from finding their way through a city to ordering a coffee there will be an app designed to ease the process. Certain Apps have come to lead the market, here they are:


b) This app was designed for iPad in 2010 and won the award “iPad App of the Year” by Apple. Later that year it came to the iPhone. It is a news app that allows you a news feed of news that is only relevant to your interests so that you spend less time searching through material that is not of interest.


c) Next is an App which now is everywhere and is so popular that it now has a billion active users – Instagram. It is hard to remember now a time before it when we all owned digital cameras and sharing your life on social media was not the time-consuming occupation it has become now. What lead to this was a popularizing of personal photography by the camera phone, then came the app Camera Plus which helped you to easily edit your photos. Instagram succeeded this App and improved on it by allowing users to apply a filter to their photo which edited it for them and then they could share their photo on Instagram’s own social media platform. Since this could only be done on Instagram, everybody had to join the club if they did not want to feel socially excluded. Facebook bought it for $1 billion in 2012.


d) Nowadays many people are used to streaming music to their phones through Spotify or Apple Music, but musical streaming was only possible after Pandora was launched in 2000 as a computer-based web app. CD sales from high street stores quickly fell and people began listening to MP3s then Apple iTunes sold music to play on iPhones. Changing the game again musical streaming apps like Spotify did away with the need to buy from iTunes when you could just have a continuous stream of music to your phone. But it was in 2008 when Pandora became a mobile app that music streaming really took off. You told it your favourite band or genre and it chose a playlist and streamed it to you.

Google Maps

e) Over a million people used to spend 300 dollars on personal GPS devices like Garmin, showing that a gap existed for a cheap navigation tool. When iPhones came out, they had built in Google Maps. Then Apple brought out Apple Maps, and a month later Google launched its free app Google Maps in 2012 which became a top download because it gave the user information on public transportation routes, timetables and traffic data.


f) Twitter is the social Media app that many celebrities use when they ‘post’ their opinions about what is happening in their daily lives and they do this on a twitter feed. Users can ‘follow’ other people’s ‘Twitter feeds’, so they feel more connected to the lives of famous, important or interesting people and can be influenced by them. But before this became the hot app there was Tweetie which was its predecessor from 2008.

g) Facebook at the time could not compete on the mobile app market, but after they copied some of Twitter’s features this gave them a competitive edge in the social media market so that they went on to dominate it.

h) So, in this way Tweetie can be considered the most influential iPhone of the past decade.


 Ellenőrző kérdések:

1 What other pocket tool is the iPhone like (para a)?

2 Why does Flipboard mean you spend less time searching for news stories?

3 How much did Facebook buy Instagram for in 2012?

4 What form of music download did Pandora start off?

5 What was the name of the GPS device that Google Maps replaced?

6 How did Twittie influence Facebook?




1 multi-functional

2 invaluable

3 handy

4 widespread

5 ease

6 award

7 feed

8 relevant

9 material

10 digital

11 time-consuming

12 occupation

13 edit

14 succeeds

15 excluded

16 popularized

17 stream

18 genre

19 do away with

20 download

21 traffic data

22 GPS device

23 navigation

24 influence

25 predecessor

26 competitive edge

27 dominate

28 considered

Ellenőrző kérdések

1 A Swiss Army Knife

2 It feeds you news based on your interests

3 $1 billion

4 Pandora started music streaming

5 Garmin

6 It provided Facebook ideas for features which turned it into a successful mobile app




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