Nehézségi szint: KÖZÉPFOK B1/B2 (Szerző: Chris Scully)

Itt az influenza szezon, egy nagyon egészséges ital recepttel készültünk, amivel fel tudjátok turbózni az immunrendszereteket és közben új kifejezéseket is tanultok angolul.

Wonder-juice can help prevent you from catching a cold or infection. It is very healthy mainly in the winter. (Sources: please search the internet.)

Ingredients: 5 fresh lemons (with the skin, cut into large chunks); 30 garlic cloves (peeled, cut into chunks); fresh ginger (peeled, cut into chunks); 1,5 litres of fresh water.

Add all ingredients into a blender, pulsing for a few seconds. Put the mix into a pot and bring it very slowly close to the boiling point and turn the heat off immediately (before boiling!). Let the mixture cool down naturally. Once at room temperature, strain the liquid through a sieve and pour it into bottles. Store it in the fridge.

It is recommended to have one shot glass per day of the ‘juice’. Continue this for 3 weeks, take a break for 1 week. Make a new mix and repeat for another 3 weeks. (Replace it with in-season fresh fruits and vegetables from spring to autumn.)

Did you know?

‘To skin’ and ‘to peel’ are interchangeable – as verbs they have the same meaning. Also as nouns they are similar when talking about food items. The noun ‘peel’ such as ‘potato peel’ means ‘potato skin’ that has been ‘peeled off’ or ‘skinned’ (removed).

Lemon ‘rind’ is when lemon peel is ‘grated’. This is used in cooking to add zest – the sharp and refreshing flavour of the lemon.


blender           boiling point             chunk              clove              ginger          grate         immediately infection             ingredient                peel            pot          pour               prevent             pulse                 recommend           replace                    shot glass                     skin         sieve       strain


1 An __________is one of the foods or liquids that you use in making a particular meal

2 ______ is the outside part of a fruit or vegetable that is often removed before eating/cooking

3 A _______ is a cube or block shaped bit of food – generally an amount of something

4  A _______ of garlic is a small part of a garlic head that can be broken off

5 To _______ a fruit or vegetable is to remove the outside layer of it.

6 ________ is a root vegetable with a strong flavour

7 A ________ is a piece of electrical equipment that mixes food or turns soft food into liquids

8 To _________ something means to make regular short bursts of energy

9 A ______ is a deep round metal container used for cooking food in on a cooker

10 ________ ______ is the temperature at which a liquid begins to turn into a gas when heated

11 __________ means if you do something very quickly without waiting, or just before or just after something that happens.

12 To _______ a food means to pass it through a sieve in order to remove solid bits you do not want.

13 To _______ something is to make a liquid flow out of a container you are holding.

14 A _____ ______ is a very small glass with a thick bottom used to drink spirits

15 To __________ is to advise that someone do something

16 To __________ something is to put something in the other’s place instead of it.

17 To __________ is to stop something from happening

18 An __________ is a disease cause by a bacteria or virus.

19 To __________ is to rub cheese or other food against a ‘grater’ so that it cuts it into small pieces



Kösd össze a kifejezéseket és a definíciókat:

A To do something by the skin of your teeth


  1 something annoys somebody
B To have your finger on the pulse 2 To do difficult work so that someone else doesn’t have to
C To take the strain 3 To just about succeed in doing something
D When something grates on someone’s nerves 4 To be aware of new developments in a situation



E   What do you think the phrase ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ means?

F What does the phrase ‘That’s the pot calling the kettle black mean?’




1 ingredient

2 skin

3 chunk

4 clove

5 peel

6 ginger

7 blender

8 pulse

9 pot

10 boiling point

11 immediately

12 strain

13 pour

14 shot glass

15 recommend

16 replace

17 prevent

18 infection

19 grate


A 3

B 4

C 2

D 1

E When too many people are deciding how to make a project succeed the result is usually failure

F Hypocrisy: When you tell somebody not to do something which you yourself are doing

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