Mission & principles

INSEDO Ltd. is a specialist in education, translating and interpreting services, and foreign language training and testing.
Recognizing the dynamic and continuous changes in today’s learning and working environment, INSEDO Ltd. was founded in 2009 by trainers, teachers and practitioners working with language education for 30 years to reflect the needs and challenges our partners and clients are facing, from individual learners in high school to highly skilled and professional corporate environments.

Serving the complex educational and translation demands of today’s modern business community hosting major innovations, such as task based assesses teachers’ digital competences (TDK), INSEDO Ltd. works with more than 100 subcontractors translating from and to more than 20 languages. As a state accredited educational institution having our own digital school management system allows our subcontracted teachers, translators and interpreters to work from all over the world.
Our strength is our passion for teaching and learning paired with resilient and flexible organization.

The Erasmus+ programme founded by the European Union has been the flagship of supporting individual learning paths, as well as institutional cooperation and partnership in our region. Discovering the strong ties between our mission and values, and the principles of the Erasmus+ programme, INSEDO Ltd. started to expand its operations and opened a new door for Hungarian learners and institutions to experience the European and international dynamics, and the other way around: for other European students and practitioners to get familiarized with Hungary, our best practices and our rich cultural heritage, including our unique language.