Felsőfokú próbanyelvvizsga teszt uj

He was accused ... smuggling illegal drugs through the border

I was really ... by the smell in the hotel room

Flavoured with lots of curry ...

The project was ... to begin when the biggest business partner decided to withdraw

The city decided to ... down a huge office building in the downtown

... is the money that is available to a person or organization and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time

I need to ... my phone, the battery is very low

The flight was delayed for two hours due ... a technical fault

I almost lost my ... talking to her as she was not paying attention

I ... a lot of time playing games and messaging on my computer instead of studying

James insisted ... paying for everything when went out

I reckon I can rely ... you to keep a secret

I think the movie is aimed ... people over

How often do you ... your extended family?

The rebels ... the government

I don't eat out very often but I do get a takeaway ..

The reason ... the delay was the late arrival of the incoming flight

My sister is a lawyer who specializes ... criminal law

What is the best way to ... your city, on foot or by public transport?

I don't remember the words of the song but I can ... the tune

It ... that the king is to abdicate next month

The ... of living is higher in London than it is in Glasgow, rents are almost double

Would you like to make a ...? It is for UNICEF

Even if you can't quit smoking, you should do your best to at least ... down a bit

The shopping centre was built surrounded by a vast ... of concrete for parking

We paid the lawyer to ... up a totally new will, one which left the three boys much better off

Last Sunday, the highest temperature in ... history was registered

Milk is an important ... of calcium and vitamin D and is an important part of any diet

The humble bee, so often ... for granted, plays a key role in agriculture

The Queen was presented with a large ... of tulips by a young girl

Politicians have been arguing about the reasons for the ... in the number of unemployed

It never ... to me that Mike and Cherie's marriage was in any trouble

Modern conditions such as diabetes and alcohol abuse has caused life … to fall in some countries

The suspect's complaints about his treatment by police were ... and he was taken into custody

We understand it's late and we don't mean to ... , but we have some important questions for you

The lack ... water is becoming a very serious problem is some countries

Two wolves ran through the forest in ... of a deer

Like most safety features, the air bag is very rarely used but when ... upon, must operate perfectly

What is..., Clarissa said, I feel I 'm being ignored.

The cup will remain here at the clubhouse for a month on ... before being sent to the museum

The elderly patient was considered too ... to survive an operation

Are these old plates of ... importance or can I put them into storage?

The ... time for making decisions is lunchtime

All attempts to reach Darren at home on his phone ... with failure

Thomas graduated with a specialist degree in the ... of criminology

Lasers can measure distances with incredible ...

The three teenagers spent a cold night on the ... mountain before rescuers arrived

Even early in the city's life, the ... for knowledge led to the founding of a university.

Though Carla 's remarks seem insulting, if you see them in ... , they're actually quite innocent

The inquiry into the accident will be...by Malcolm Jones, a former army general

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