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ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP 101050686

Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll is getting more and more popular both worldwide and in the EU. However, the development of the last two decades and the growing aspirations of the acrobatic rock’n’roll to be an Olympic sport in the close future have made it necessary to strengthen the professional and educational framework of the sport. A sport which can make people move, make them fall in love with dancing and practicing sports in community with a single music player, as well as contributing to professional development of young sportsmen and women across Europe. Nevertheless, acrobatic rock’n’roll as an emerging sport faces several challenges mainly caused by the lack of highly professional training materials and the inconsistencies arising from the different interpretation of rules and training methods.

With the collection and dissemination of professional materials through the work of a network of experts, the project helps the work of trainers teaching children, youth and adults interested in acrobatic rock’n’roll properly, relying on training manuals with the highest possible quality and consistency. Capacity building through knowledge share contributes not only to the development of the sport itself, but also to the protection and preservation of the physical and mental integrity of athletes, as well as supporting the highest level of pedagogical development of sports-related community, educational and personal skills of children and youth in sport. Moreover, the availability of proper training materials helps the efforts of athletes seeking for dual-carrier options aiming to dedicate their life for the teaching of the next generations in acrobatic rock’n’roll.

Our partnership consists of: